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My family
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

WAY too much fun!

Well, another year's Halloween behind us and it was a hit! David and I decided at the very last minute (I'm talking about an hour before leaving) that we would dress up. Since all I had was some kitty ears and a tail, that's what I went as and David, being the native Texan that he is, went as a Cowboy (a very handsome one, I might add!) The girls were simply precious and had a BIG time! I loved showing them off in their costumes this year, as I made them, so I was especially proud! After a night of riding ponies, jumping in inflatables, playing games and eating WAY TOO much candy, we fell hard when we got home. After all, isn't that what it's all about after hard, play hard?!


Hana said...

So cute! Love the tutus! I made my girl's costumes too! It's so fun!

Janet said...

awesome pics. I am glad you guys dressed up.

Victoria said...

Glad you all dressed up and had some halloween fun...and that the curls stuck around for some cuteness!

Joanna said...

your girls are so precious!