My family

My family
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

So, I was told this picture is "blog worthy," so here it is. I had a blessed day, just enjoying my precious gifts from God. I got a great card from the girls in the morning (I was told Kayla picked it out all by herself) that had a magnet on the front of it that said "World's Greatest Mom." Now, I'm not sure about all that....maybe it should read, "World's most Blessed Mom." We enjoyed church service and then grabbed a bite to eat afterwards. That night we had some friends over for game night....what a great day! Hope everyone else's day was just as blessed!


Monday, May 11, 2009

6 years into our forever...

Ok, so I gotta rave about my date night this weekend. David and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday. We decided to go see a movie, and then go to the Winery that is literally right across the street from where we are living. I must say, I was a little unsure of just how nice it would be, being that we are in the countriest of country areas out here. But let's start with the movie. We went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, which was cute, and had my "guy" in it, which of course, made it fun to watch! Naturally, ol' Matthew M. was looking handsome, but not as handsome as MY guy! After the movie, we headed to the winery. As we started up the driveway, I felt as though I was magically transported to a vineyard in Italy. It was STUNNING! The restaurant was lovely, and we found a spot at the outside seating so we could enjoy the last hour of sunlight on the vineyards. We got our wine tastings, and exchanged cards. Mine was homemade, with a beautiful drawing on it ( my man has skills!) What a sweetie! We decided on a wine, and got a bottle. At that point, the fruit flies were getting to be a bit of a bother, so we headed inside. Just as we settled at a new table, there was a jazz band that was setting up for the night.....Dinner, wine, AND live music!? We ordered a bite to eat, and had great conversation. The music was so nice, and they even had a small dance floor, so got to enjoy a couple slow dances together. The night was absolutely PERFECT! To top it off, as if all of this wasn't enough romance for one night, we took a nice walk out by the vineyards after we ate, and had a private dance on the outside stage (complete with a few lengthy smooches!) I am so looking forward to spending the rest of my days with him, growing old and grey.....Happy Anniversary to us!

A Cut above the rest

Well, we finally did it. We cut Kayla's hair. It had gotten to the point where it was just so long that it was in the way of everything, and always a battle to brush, fix or wash it. More then that though, I just knew it would make a beautiful wig if we were to donate it. Last week, I sat down with Kayla to try and explain to her what "Locks of Love" was all about. I told her that there were children out there who didn't have beautiful hair of their own and would love to have her hair. I think this concept was a little much for her, because she looked at me like I was a little crazy. After several more attempts to explain this to her, she finally seemed to understand a little more, and agreed to the idea of cutting it. It was when I promised her a big sucker at the end that she began to get VERY excited about it. Go figure....
So, off we went. I'm pretty sure I was more nervous then she was. She did great! It was not only the "big cut" but her first professional hair cut all together! She sat very still and was so patient throughout the whole process. It took a little over 30 minutes to complete because of all the layers she had put in to even out the cut. I was a little shocked with how short it came out, but very happy with the results. We're looking forward to donating her hair again, as "Locks of Love" is a charity that is very close to my heart.



It was a LONG road getting here....

Well, we've officially been Texans now for 13 days, and the dust is starting to settle a bit. We have already had some major answers to prayer since we've been here, but even with all the praise, there are still prayer requests on our end that we know the Lord will answer in HIS perfect timing. David made a decision at LCC (our home church in Greensboro) before we left. He has surrendered to the call to ministry! I am so excited to be by his side while God is doing the work that HE is doing. We are currently attending a small country church here in Pittsburg called Piney Grove. Last Sunday, we helped them celebrate their 137th anniversary of the church! Wow....137 years! It's actually the church that my father in law (David's dad Wes) is the head pastor, so we were feel right at home there! Nothing solid on the job front yet, but David has been getting a few leads and has an interview planned for this week. Keep that in your prayers. I'm posting up some pics of the travels here to TX and of "Woodhaven," where we are now calling home. The girls are loving it here.....what's not to love! Animals everywhere, a trampoline, a 4 wheeler, a giant tree/play house, I mean really! It's like summer camp! I'm also including pictures of what our "room" is here.....some of you ladies know already about the "cubbie" that we are in, but just so you can put a clear picture to what I was explaining, here it is! A bed, a very very small closet, and about 10 feet of walking space! Talk about your close quarters!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easter Fun....better late then never, right?

Yes, so it's been several weeks since Easter, but our lives have been a little busy, and since I made a solid promise to several of my Greensboro gals that I would keep up with my blog, here are a few pics from our Easter festivities this year. We spent it in Texas with David's family at the church that my father in law pastors. They had a great egg hunt on that Friday, with some Christian Clowns for entertainment, and to top it all off, ice cold snow cones to cool them off! Just as we were leaving that day, everyone was to get a balloon and go outside. It was a great balloon send off! Each balloon had a tiny piece of paper in it with the name of one member of the church and the church address, and a scripture of encouragement. The idea is to see how far across the US they can make it. When it finally does pop, the piece of paper is hopefully found, and the finder should then write a letter to the church saying what city and state it was found in. They said that one year one balloon made it all the way to GA! What fun! Easter morning it was POURING cats and dogs outside and a little on the cool side. Not so ideal for being outside, but the service was great, and most of all glorifying to HIM, and isn't that what it's all about after all?! What a blessed day it was, and even more so that we got to spend such a day with loved ones and family.