My family

My family
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God speaks.....even through chips and salsa

So, I've been on a huge spicy food kick ever since finding out I was pregnant. I've been making homemade salsa on a very regular basis, which also means I've been buying lots of corn chips to go with it. Yesterday as I was nearing the end of the bag of chips, only to get to the "bottom of the bag" chips, you know the ones I mean. They are all broken, small and some are even reduced to mere crumbs. Now, what do we usually do with these chips? Most of us probably just toss them because they are too hard to mess with, especially if you are wanting to dip them in something.

So, I tossed the bag....didn't really give it another thought.

Now we all know that God can use any situation in our lives to teach us something, but this? Surly not! However, through chips and salsa, God spoke...Early this morning, I heard His heavenly whisper say to me....."Aren't all my children like those chips you tossed? Broken, crumbling and small? Yet, I delight in these chips! They have purpose and flavor, just the same as the others!"

As I sat there in my bed, the quietness all around me, I thanked the Lord for such a beautiful word picture as this! What a joy to my heart to be reminded of these things. For one, I am broken, but glued together only by the undeserved saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ! Two, I do have purpose, even when those around me don't see it, HE does! As for my "flavor," I have to remember that each and every person on this earth is made by our Almighty creator and I should love openly, wholeheartedly and fully, each one of them, because He does!

Have a God filled day, and remember, don't throw away those bottom of the bag chips! They're yummy!!!

In His Grace alone,