My family

My family
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas cheer

I can't believe another year has come and gone! We had such an amazing Christmas season this year! We had a couple of "firsts." One was getting to meet Santa Cow! What a cool piece of beef he was! Also,this Christmas was our first to do the whole "Santa" bit. The girls really loved it, and I must admit, so did mommy and daddy! I was given a website that you could go to and create a very personal email message from the big guy, complete with pictures and him calling your child by name! The girls thought it was the COOLEST thing ever! In addition, on Christmas morning, they saw the half eaten cookies and all 9 little nibbles out of our big carrot we left for the reindeer. It was magical! And, just as he promised in the email, he made good on leaving them just what they had asked for.....PILLOW PETS!

Now, it's a new year. I can't believe how incredibly blessed this family is, and continues to be. We are all looking forward to what this year holds for us!

In HIS Grace and Love,