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My family
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Monday, May 11, 2009

It was a LONG road getting here....

Well, we've officially been Texans now for 13 days, and the dust is starting to settle a bit. We have already had some major answers to prayer since we've been here, but even with all the praise, there are still prayer requests on our end that we know the Lord will answer in HIS perfect timing. David made a decision at LCC (our home church in Greensboro) before we left. He has surrendered to the call to ministry! I am so excited to be by his side while God is doing the work that HE is doing. We are currently attending a small country church here in Pittsburg called Piney Grove. Last Sunday, we helped them celebrate their 137th anniversary of the church! Wow....137 years! It's actually the church that my father in law (David's dad Wes) is the head pastor, so we were feel right at home there! Nothing solid on the job front yet, but David has been getting a few leads and has an interview planned for this week. Keep that in your prayers. I'm posting up some pics of the travels here to TX and of "Woodhaven," where we are now calling home. The girls are loving it here.....what's not to love! Animals everywhere, a trampoline, a 4 wheeler, a giant tree/play house, I mean really! It's like summer camp! I'm also including pictures of what our "room" is here.....some of you ladies know already about the "cubbie" that we are in, but just so you can put a clear picture to what I was explaining, here it is! A bed, a very very small closet, and about 10 feet of walking space! Talk about your close quarters!

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Janet said...

wow msal but exciting. Its like you are all at summer camp. God will bless you for following in His direction and His call.