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My family
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easter Fun....better late then never, right?

Yes, so it's been several weeks since Easter, but our lives have been a little busy, and since I made a solid promise to several of my Greensboro gals that I would keep up with my blog, here are a few pics from our Easter festivities this year. We spent it in Texas with David's family at the church that my father in law pastors. They had a great egg hunt on that Friday, with some Christian Clowns for entertainment, and to top it all off, ice cold snow cones to cool them off! Just as we were leaving that day, everyone was to get a balloon and go outside. It was a great balloon send off! Each balloon had a tiny piece of paper in it with the name of one member of the church and the church address, and a scripture of encouragement. The idea is to see how far across the US they can make it. When it finally does pop, the piece of paper is hopefully found, and the finder should then write a letter to the church saying what city and state it was found in. They said that one year one balloon made it all the way to GA! What fun! Easter morning it was POURING cats and dogs outside and a little on the cool side. Not so ideal for being outside, but the service was great, and most of all glorifying to HIM, and isn't that what it's all about after all?! What a blessed day it was, and even more so that we got to spend such a day with loved ones and family.

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Janet said...

neevr to late to show beautiful pictures like those...