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My family
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Being this cute should be ILLEGAL!

Just had to show off the latest "cutest pics" of my girls. Anna is modeling her new winter coat. Notice, she's wearing her jammies with shoes....she just couldn't be left out of jammie night at AWANA's, even though she's not a cubbie yet!

Then there's Kayla, and well, I just couldn't decide between these two pictures. One is her in her new jammies (that daddy picked out....way to go!) proudly showing off her new earned patches from AWANA's. Also, she is showing her "Responsibility chart" that we started doing 2 weeks ago. It's been so neat to watch her get so excited about helping out!

The last one is her in her very first set of rollers. I wanted her hair curly for tonight, so she slept in them, and was very excited to do so! I was sort of impressed at how she didn't complain about them hurting once! I have left them in all day too, so that when I take them out right before the fall festival tonight, they'll be EXTRA curly, so today when we were at the library for 2 HOURS while I voted, she was the center of attention with her little pink rollers in! So cute!!

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Victoria said...

So cute and so cool that she's into getting all dolled up no matter the costs! No pain no gain or