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My family
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Monday, November 3, 2008

What it's NOT about for me...

Tomorrow is election day, and I have so many emotions running through my mind and heart today. First and foremost, I am leaning on HIM for support in my moments of weakness concerning this election. Let me share with you what this is NOT about for me...

It's not about race
It's not about age
It's not about experience
It's not about cultural background
It's not about gender
It's not about tax cuts
It's not about health care
It's not about charm
It's not about good speeches
It's not about charisma

For me, it's pretty simple. It's about life. It's about leaving life up to the Creator, the Lord God Almighty....

It is not, nor will it ever be up to us to decide who dies and who lives. Period.

I am praying for this election....fervently. I trust HIM and know that HIS plan is perfect.




Victoria said...

Amen to trusting in our ever faithful Savior and giving Him the glory and the power!

The Barbers said...

WORD UP! Scary times... I'm praying hard!

lillymac said...

Ali, this was so good. Jarrod and I read it together... so true!