My family

My family
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home sweet home!

God is good people! Not only did HE find ways to keep constant provision for us financially during the 4 months that David was out of work, but HE then led us to a job, located in the largest Army post in the states (keep in mind David has been called to be an Army Chaplin and will be going through more schooling to do so) and then, just to really confirm things further, led us to a house that is absolutely a perfect fit for us! We found (He led), made an offer, accepted the counter offer and moved in all in a matter of 1 week. To make the process even more delightful. our realtor is a fellow believer and we were able to share and discuss many things concerning our faith with her, which is always a blessing! Needless to say, we are beyond words for what our AWESOME, loving, gracious and merciful Father has done for us.....

Here is a picture of our new place! Thank you for all who have been praying for us!

In HIS loving arms,



Victoria said...

Yay God...yay new house and affirmation...yay you blogged! =P

lillymac said...

congrats on lots of greats!

Janet said...

wow that is so cool Ali. God Is awesome.