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My family
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Spiritual Refreshment

We've all heard the saying "New Year's Resolutions," but instead of making some meaningless "promise" to myself this year, I decided to make some pretty important promises to my maker, my saviour, my God. I call them not resolutions, but refreshments for my spiritual soul.

Ali's Refreshments

#1: I will honor God with my body....the only earth suit if you will, that I will ever have. I vow to nurture it and take pride in it.

#2: I will honor my husband and submit to him as I know I should, but rarely do. I will make this home a haven for him, and myself a refuge to him.

#3: I will give my Lord the time and attention HE deserves and craves from me. NO MORE EXCUSES! So what if I have to get up a little earlier everyday? HE is so worth it!!!

#4: I will love others with the kind of unconditional love that Christ has for us. WITHOUT LIMITS, WITHOUT FAIL, WITHOUT END.

Lord, help me to be obedient to you, and you alone. Help ease my daily worries and fears. I know you desire a more meaningful relationship with me, and I want to give that to you. Help me stay focused on your word, your truth and your light....



The Prophesaur said...

Sounds like a great plan to me!
I don't do the resolution thing, seems pointless to me. As the list queen, I find myself making and breaking plans for improvement all year round. Why kick my year off with the same old same old? Tonight I plan to reflect on how far this year in His light has brought me. Tomorrow, and the year it brings with it, will worry about its own things.
Enjoy your evening and have a happy new year!
Let the Son shine,

Praise and Coffee said...

Great goals, refreshments! I like that.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today!!