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My family
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Saturday, December 29, 2007

One special day, two special girls

Well, Christmas is over, and the best gift that I got this year was a new little niece! Ruby Jane Cook made her debut on December 26th at 8:08 A.M., weighing in at 7 lbs 14 ozs. She was a little delayed (us girls always have to be "fashionably late" huh?) but she is just the sweetest thing ever! My girls aside of course, she is the most beautiful little girl. When she came out, she had such amazing color. One might even say she was "ruby" red! I know how amazing her color was because I had the EXTREME honor of being in the room when she came into this world. What an experience that was! I've never been witness to a birth that wasn't mine, and it was one that I won't likely forget anytime soon. Seeing my sister in that light, and seeing the intense bond between her husband John and her during the labor was such a beautiful thing. Still wondering about my title? Well, December 26th was already a very special day, as it is my daughter Anna's birthday. How cool is that!? Two little cousins sharing the same birthday! Lauren and I foresee many joint birthday parties in the future. So, I woke up that day, went to the hospital to see beautiful Ruby be born, and then went home and celebrated miss Anna's first birthday. And, hello, my "baby" turned 1!!!!! I can hardly believe it's been a year already. Her sweet personality is blooming right before my eyes. I am certainly blessed!

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The Prophesaur said...

So precious! Even though there is a year's difference, all I can think of is Patty know, identical cousins and all. I was geek for Nick at Night back in my cable years. =]