My family

My family
Child of God, Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, and friend

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I was reminded of how wonderful simplicity is the other day. I got to spend the ENTIRE day with my husband and girls. If you know anything about our schedule over the last 8 months or so, you'll know that we've only had a handful of full days together. David is a full time student and works full time too, and has even been pulling some overtime, so his "days off" from work are not full days off, as he has school to go to. He has been getting a little burnt out, and so this Tuesday he decided to skip out on school and not do any classwork either. We started our day off with a lovely pancake breakfast. After shoveling all that yummy food down, we all got bundled up and ventured out to find the perfect Christmas tree. We found a lot with some really good looking trees, but unfortunately there was no one there yet, as it was still morning time. So, we had to settle a bit, but after bringing it home and decorating it, it looked just perfect in our little home. The decorating was fun, but I think Kayla enjoyed tearing up last years wrapping paper more then anything else! We had Bing Crosby's Christmas album playing in the background and several warm apple pie candles lit (man I love those things!) We decided to finish off the day with making and decorating some sugar cookies. Now, this was the best part of my day! Watching my husband and girls do that was so special. Having this day with my family reminded me about the beautiful simplicity of my life. I am a wife,
a mother, a f
riend, and a child of God. I love every one of those's that simple.


The Prophesaur said...

...and I love every one of these pics and every one of you guys! I'm glad that you all got the chance to spend the day together! I know it was much needed and much appreciated and that it won't soon be forgotten!
Love you!

Dori said...


THIS is so sweet! What a great day indeed. I loved the picture of the cookies, especially the little one that was kind of broken up, but also looked like it had a bite out of it....made me chuckle!

I love your titles, too, because they are my titles! I can't think of anything that could possibly be better!!


Lauren said...

Sweet friend,

This is great! I love all the pictures, but more, I love your thankful heart to God. You all are definitely in a season of needed patience! I am so glad all of you were able to spend a full day of fun together! See you very soon....

Love you,