My family

My family
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LIttle Sponges

You always hear that young children are like little sponges, but I could never appreciate that saying until just recently. Kayla is a full blown toddler now and I can honestly say that nothing could have prepared me for this stage. Everyday with her is such a joy. One day, I told her that she was gorgeous and now she's always saying to me, "Mommy, I gorgus!!" Another day, I was listening to the 80's station on the radio, and "Shake your booty" came on. Ever since then, she walks around shakin' it and singin' her little heart out.
I can't help but think about her future and how bright it is. I want so many good things for my children. I want them to not only think of me as mom, but as a friend. Anna is already almost 9 months, and I can hardly believe it. To think that she's going to be one in just a few short months absolutely blows my mind. I am really trying to savor every day with my children, as if it were the last. I think that is how God intends for us to be. To not take things, but especially people and relationships for granted. After all, it is from those people and relationships that we learn the most in life. I for one am proud to say that I have already learned so much from my children. I anticipate the years to come with great joy....

Putting my faith and love in HIM.....

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Anonymous said...

The sponge thing is always so much more than you expect. My boys still surprise me with how much they retain so easily.
The shake your booty thing totally made me laugh because Ella does that too. It's not as accidental as it is with Kayla though...Dade taught her because I taught him when he was very little and we taught Maxx when he was very little...we're one big happy family of weirdos!
I loved starting my day with a reminder to drink life to the last drop! Thanks so much for sharing!
Love you!