My family

My family
Child of God, Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, and friend

Monday, September 24, 2007

Family is what it's all about

Why do some people float through this fleeting life thinking it's all about them? As a born again believer, I know that is absolutely not true. When I look into the eyes of my children, I am reminded of how much God has blessed me with. Even without the house, or the clothes or the cars or the money, God has made me rich indeed! Family is such a precious gift, and I want to honor and thank God for allowing me the great privilege of growing and raising godly children. I know I will fail, everyday most likely, but if I remember that it is not about me, then I believe God will guide me through the rest.
Thank you Lord for giving me another day to love, to learn and to give my life to you!


Anonymous said...

I love you girl, and I'm so blessed to count you and your family as part of mine! I do, you know?! =]

Leigh Gray said...

amen sister amen!!