My family

My family
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

School days

As of September 8, we are officially a homeschool-in family! Things have been good, and I think we're starting to get in a good groove. Kayla can spell/sound out words and write them down, she knows all of her oceans and continents. She can name all the bones in her body. We have also been very blessed to have found and plugged into a great homeschool community/group here locally. On Thursdays, we have co-op classes with the group at a nearby church. This has been really great for the girls as well. Here are a few pics of school at home and Anna in one of her co-op classes. Enjoy!




Victoria said...

She can name all 206+ bones in the body? Man, you're gonna have to give me some homeschooling pointers! =P

Ali said...

Har har......
Ok, not 206+ bones yet, but she does know about 20 or so, the major ones I suppose! Any way you slice it, I'm a proud mamma!