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My family
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Friday, September 4, 2009


The girls were playing in the playroom the other day while I was making dinner. They were getting along and giggling alot, which was a very welcomed change from the usual biting, pushing and yelling they tend to do, so I just stayed in the kitchen listening to their sweet sounds of laughter. Well, I could hear that they were playing some sort of "let's pack for our trip" game, so I decided to check on them after a bit. This is what I's so completely random! I laughed so hard when I saw how they had put so much toddler thought into their "packing." Hope it brings a smile to your day!!
Just as a side not, my favorite part is the monkey chillin' in the he's in a hot tub or something!


Victoria said...

So funny...and too cute!

lillymac said...

c-u-t-e!! wonder who's idea it was? :)