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My family
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Chicken snake, anyone?

Ok, kind of a gross story, but the girl's Pawpaw shot a chicken snake the other day. It had gotten into the chicken/duck/dove pin and unfortunately, had already dined on one of the doves. Pawpaw shot it right between the eyes, cut the belly open to get the dove out, and strung it up so we could all see his kill. =)
Before hanging it up, he measured it, just for record of course.....
5 feet 4 inches! That's one big chicken snake! The girls were amazed and wanted to know why it had so many flies on it. I told them the flies were having "snake buffet." Here they are with the snake in the background. It's the thing next to the green garden hose. on a farm!




Victoria said...

So, did the dove live?

Ali said...

Nope...the dove didn't make it, but we have about 10 more, so not too big of a deal. Guess we should have a dove memorial, huh? =)

Janet said...

did you cook up the snake and eat it like the man on TV does..