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My family
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh,what a Grand Canyon!

We've been back from our Grand Canyon adventure for a week now, but the sights I saw are still so fresh in my mind. It was all inspiring to be in the presence of such a masterful creation by our almighty Creator! There were several different view points along the main road of the GC, but I was fortunate enough to see the depths and the great details to it as well, as I rode down the side of it on a mule for 5 hours! It was pretty amazing to have done that, and although my body ached for a few days after our return, it was completely worth it! My mule, Teddy, liked to either hug the edge of the trail or run my knees along the side of the canyon,
but after the day was done, he got me to the bottom,
safe and sound ( a little bruised, but safe)
Here's just a taste of what I saw, and remember that
it doesn't even begin to give justice to the glory that it was!



P.S. More pictures to come, this is just a sample!

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Janet said...

still waiting for more pictures.. I did get your kodak one so i guess that will have to satisfy.