My family

My family
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Cardboard Nativity

While my sweet in laws were here, I put them to work and we all sat down with empty wrapping paper rolls, construction paper, glue sticks and tape. It looked like a kindergarten class project, but we so enjoyed making this Nativity set. I hope it lasts for years to come....




Victoria said...

Amen to humble homage!

The nativity that Dade made in preschool has held up well over the years, I think the paint helps. If you're thinking that maybe it could stand to be a little more sturdy, you could put a mod podge seal over everything to give it an extra bit of protection...just a thought, I'm certainly no craft expert! =]

lillymac said...

love it... so cute. hope it will be a sweet memory over the years.