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My family
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Yard sale finds

I'm not one to do the yard sale thing. Mostly because I don't or am not able to get my buns in gear to compete with the early birds that go to those things. A couple of Saturdays ago, I thought it might be fun to go to a few in town, so I was purposeful and "in gear," and got in the car by 7:45 in the morning (still not as hard core as some!) I hit up a few, and ended up spending about 15 bucks. I got my husband a new winter coat, a Dora scooter for Kayla, 2 pieces of little girl clothing, a pair of hand knit boy's booties, and 3 board games (Jumanji isn't pictured) The two board games pictured are so stinking cool, I just had to share! They are true vintage games with all the pieces and in great shape! The Clue game is from 1963, and the Stratego is from 1962. The Clue game even had the original paper to fill in your "clues" as you get's like these games were bought, but then never played! Here's the best part.....they were 50 cents a piece! You can't beat that with a stick~

Have a blessed day!



Victoria said...

Super cool...I'm so jealous over the Clue game that I can't stand it! Lucky! =]

祂想覀の安靜 said...