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My family
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Monday, April 28, 2008

The perfect teacher

My pastor made a statement during the message this Sunday. He said that God was unlike the "traditional" teacher in that first HE tests us, then HE teaches us. This stuck with me, and I began to reflect on just how true that is. In the school system, we are first taught and then tested on the material. God does the opposite. He presents us with situations and trials to test us, to test our faith. It is what we do in those times that we are taught the lessons that HE has in store for us. Now, I don't know about you, but I learn so much better from actual life experience then from a book. I love that we can learn so much through life and through HIS teachings. The bible is our "textbook" and is never out of print or out of date. We can look to it for answers, questions or reflection.
Lord, thank you for being our ultimate and most perfect teacher. Help us to be good students and to seek your word, your truth and your love more everyday....


Victoria said...

Such a wonderful truth! I'm a life learner too, and being in life's classroom is actually a huge chunk of what I've been thinking of while pondering homeschooling. Thanks for this insight! Love you!

mamalona said...

I think that with each test HE hands to us. It is what we can "study" from for the next test. Well, as long as we learn from it. And take from it as the Lord intened for us. And being a Christan is like the enrolment for the almight highest school of them all. Dont you agree? Love ya sista !