My family

My family
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Because

Well, it's happened. I got sick. With this hot one day, cold and rainy the next day weather, it was inevitable I guess. Now, it's human nature to want to be "babied" when you are sick, but when you are a mother, that's just out of the question especially when your children are also sick, which mine are. Usually, the scenario goes like being "babied" means I get to have a 5 minute rest on the couch with little hands poking and prodding me the whole time.
A couple of hours ago, I got a very sweet call from my husband. One of those "just because" calls that are few and far between. He called to tell me how much he loves and appreciates me and all that I do for our family. He also said how sad he was to know that I was sick at home and he had to be at work and school today. He said he was going to try to come home early tonight and really baby me. HOW SWEET IS THAT???? I think after 5 years of marriage, we are finally starting to really understand each other's love languages. Mine is words of affirmation, and his is Acts of Service. I love him more today then I did the day I married him!

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Victoria said...

So I'm gonna be sick...kidding, I think it's beautiful and I'm glad you shared and glad your man is gonna take care of you tonight! Feel better!