My family

My family
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Friday, February 1, 2008

Standing in my own way

I'm on this dang computer to much. I've decided to fast from the computer. (thanks Lauren for the idea) Too many times I find myself being "sucked in" and without any purpose. I'm not reading God's word, I'm not blogging spiritually, I'm simply wasting time when I could be doing far better things with my time. How can I expect to grow in my walk with God when I am not selfless with my time. He REQUIRES our obedience and I am being stubborn. Over what? A computer....a worldly possession. I confess Lord that I have not given YOU the time you so deserve. Nothing can take the place of that. I do pray and ask that you forgive me and let me show you more. I can do so much better....with your help and ultimate guidance. How can I do ANYTHING right in my life and in the lives of others without YOU? Thank you LORD for never giving up on me.


Lauren said...

Oh sis...your heart is so precious! Isn't it awesome to have The Holy Spirit help convict our hearts and give us new and better desires, all for His glory?!? I'm on day 2 of spending very little time of the ole 'puter....and I have to say; my house is cleaner, my Jack is getting more attention, and I have much more time to do devotionals or spiritual reading. This is a GOOD thing! I love you tons!
Serving Him,

Andrea & Tone said...

Hi Ali,
I just want to tell you thank you for writing this. I just started my blog a few days ago and I find myself spending way too much time on the computer. I was just thinking man, I need to be doing something else when I ran across your blog. I found it through Lauren's Blog and I have enjoyed reading yours. I love your humor, I always have. More time focusing on the Lord, less time on the computer! yay! Hope you are great.