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My family
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Unanswered Prayers

Amazing how our Sovereign Lord works in our lives, isn't it? Today I was desperately wanting nothing more then a long, hot bubble bath all to myself. As a stay at home mommy, and one that doesn't even have the option of getting "me" time when the hubby is home, as he rarely is, I have to squeeze this time into nap times usually. The problem is, with a very active 1 year old, and a 3 year old that likes to bully her sister while I'm not looking, I usually just end up catching up on housework that I wasn't able to get done while they were awake during the nap times. Today, I thought, I'll reward myself for being so productive in the earlier part of the day and just relax in my bath. It sounds silly to say, but I even said a little prayer that they would get extra long naps. I put the girls down, changed out the laundry, called my sweet sister, and ran the bath water. It had probably only been about 30 min, and I heard Anna on the monitor. My heart sunk. I was desperate for this bath, and she was not having the nap today that I longed for. After waiting it out for a few minutes to see if she might fall asleep and realizing that it just wasn't going to happen, I decided that I better go and get her. As I put on my robe, God whispered in my ear, "This is an unanswered prayer. Use this opportunity for My glory." As it turns out, having my sweet Anna in the bath with me was absolutely a wonderful thing and I am so glad God didn't answer my prayer so that I could have "me" time. It was such a sweet moment between us, and because she wasn't my first child, I haven't had as many intimate moments like this with her as I did with Kayla. As I held her sweet little chubby body to mine, I thanked God for opening my eyes to such a precious experience, and for allowing me to use it for HIS glory.


The Prophesaur said...

I believe that God answers all prayers, sometimes the answer takes on a different form than we had been expecting. Sometimes it's a flat out no, sometimes the answer comes later than we'd hoped, sometimes we discover the answer "on our own". That's the beauty of having such a faithful God. He knows what we want better than we do and He knows how and when to deliver the answers to our prayers. It seems God saw the opportunity to gift you with a wonderful blessing that would knock your request out of the water, pun intended cuz I'm a dork like that.
I love that you saw His gift to you yesterday and that you embraced it as such!
Let the Son shine,

Dori said...

This is so sweet. I remember so many moments like that -- that I would have missed. But then again I guess everyday we should say, "God, don't let me be so involved in 'me' that I miss moments that you want to grace me with and orchestra just for me."

Blessings, sweet friend!