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My family
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blessings Box

We did this craft about a month ago in my MOPS group. I thought it was really cool, and being that today is November 1st, I've got Thanksgiving on the brain, so I thought this was fitting. It's good to remind ourselves and each other of things that we are thankful for. I myself, will be keeping this box around for years to come. The idea is simply this: to write down on a piece of paper, something you are thankful for. In other words, your blessings. It can be something general, or something that may have touched you dearly one day. The other day, I was just chatting away with Kayla, and I realized how blessed I am to have a little buddy to talk to , as I am pretty lonely these days with David being gone so much. On Thanksgiving, we will be opening the box and reading all of the papers.....


The Prophesaur said...

Cute box and a cool idea! May you be overwhelmed with appreciation when you open the box and realized just how blessed you are! Love you!

mamalona said...

Well yo uhave told me about it before. But to see it is really cool. What is it made from? I think its a really cool Idea. Even if Andy and i are the only ones who add to it at this point. I think It might do us some real good. I know you as my dear friend will be something I am greatful for :) Thanks... Thanks for being YOU!

Dori said...


This is so sweet! I'm going to make my box tomorrow. You're just as precious as your sister!


Lauren said...

This is a great encouragment, and a very pleasing thing to do for the glory of God. I need to get a box, because it would be FULL of things that I am thankful for! I love you so dearly, and can't wait to see you in just a short time.

In Him,