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My family
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sacrificially Giving

This is something that has been on my heart. We are called to do many things when we are born again believers. We are called to pray for others, we are called to witness to the lost, we are called to love unconditionally, we are called to seek HIS face more everyday, and we are called to give back what is rightfully HIS. By this, of course I mean to tithe. It bothers me that there are Christians in this world who either don't see the importance in it, or just don't think it's important enough. Scripture tells us that we should look at "our" money as HIS first. (Leviticus 27:30) Why then do we not give back to the Lord what is HIS to begin with? There shouldn't even be the question of working our tithe into our budget. We should give with joyful hearts and know that HIS money is glorifying HIS kingdom. Many people have the worry factor. They worry that if they are to give 10 percent in tithings, then they won't have enough left over to accommodate the lifestyle they have grown accustom to. When this is the case, I believe that we should take a step back and re-examine our priorities. Is it then more important to give to his kingdom or to give for our own entertainment? The answer is obvious. God is our ultimate provider, and HE will always find a way for ends to meet, providing we are obedient to His word. I am reminded of a time last year at my church. We were challenged to sacrificially give one week's earnings into the chest of Joash. My immediate response to this challenge was "No way! How in the world are we supposed to make our bills for the month?" The day of the challenge came, and I had only written out a check for half of a weeks earnings. I felt good about this decision, until the call came for everyone to deposit their checks into the chest at the alter. I was heavily convicted. Truth is, I have no idea what it TRULY is to sacrificially give. There are people in the world who don't even have roofs over their heads, and they still give. I couldn't ignore God's whispers. I quickly ripped out a new check and made it for the full week's earnings amount. Walking up to the alter, I still had feelings of doubt. "Where would the money come from for the bills that month?" As soon as I let go of the check, along with it went my fears and doubts. Somehow I just knew we would be OK. Not only that, I felt a great sense of joy in giving like that. A couple week's after that, we received an unexpected check in the mail. Coincidence? No....that was our awesome Lord's provisions. Since then, I look at giving as a way to exercise my faith in HIS promises. Thank you Lord for being my rock, my salvation and my ultimate provider!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ali! This is a great post!! One thing that struck me is that is all about FAITH and BELIEVING! When we believe Him to be sovereign and able to do the impossible, He most often does just that right before our eyes and then it fuels our faith the next time we have to believe Him for something huge.

Thanks for the reminder!!


The Prophesaur said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of how God provides for us all. You've shown a side to God's love that we often ignore and a side to you that I knew nothing about! I never would have pegged you for someone who would take such a huge leap, but faith leads us in amazing ways! You've written that point very eloquently and I'm so glad that you did!!!
Love you!

Lauren said...

Oh sis...this is just awesome! Your tender love for God is so beautifully displayed here. My heart is swelling with joy! Thank you for being His bold daughter, and reminding everyone was complete love, faith, and trust really look like! I love you!

Following Him,